Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation.

You Can Do It. 
We are moving through an amazing transition in real time, unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. If you only want the information, our weekly live schedule includes the ability to register for livestreams and in-person classes. You can sign up through our new platform using our Marin Power Yoga mobile app or even directly through the website on the schedule page. We have a Cacao ceremony this Saturday night, August 7th, this is a separate event to register and pay for, you are invited to participate in an amazing group meditation and ceremony, and to mark time with us.

People. I am currently thinking a lot about meta cognition and neurodiversity. Why? Because I am 48 and my brain is different than it was in 1988, I believe this is an opportunity for me, traditionally mis-interpreted by society. Most of us were undiagnosed as kids, or rather misdiagnosed as intelligent because we had skills at reading or remembering or processing information. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized that remembering vaults of information is a basic level of intelligence, mostly a barrier to entry in most fields, designed to eliminate people who aren’t very interested in the subject. Memorization is simply a technical competence, like changing the oil in a car or replacing a hip or even a valve on your heart, this does not take intelligence, it is a skill that can be practiced and attained. Think about that and put it in perspective…memorization is not a sign of intelligence.

Beyond all of my “evidence,” when I was a lawyer, even if I remembered the law perfectly, I’d still research and compare recent case law. Quick as always, lawyers point out their real value is in logic and analysis, memory is just a “basic skill” for doing the job. Whether you hand write or transcribe or type or say outloud, the many techniques to remember things have little to do with our ability to think and create. Please hear me, our ability to memorize information is not a sign of our intelligence.

Why is this so important? I am working with the hypothesis that our brain functionality evolves and if we continue to learn and challenge ourselves to think our brain will grow. 

This has to be said, you are not thinking when you do a crossword puzzle, you are retrieving information from a vault in your head. This is not intelligence, it is a reflection of past intelligence. What am I saying?

It is intimidating and humbling to take on learning something new. It may also be the most important decision of our lives. The changing brain is an incredibly beautiful opportunity to use all of your knowledge and experience to explore a new field and develop unknown potential.

Why is this so important? A vein of Chinese medicine says “use it or lose it,” I believe this is true with our brains. We can all point to a picture on the internet, laugh at some darwinian example of modern humans (I like to use Love Island as an example, but you can pick any reality show for easy low hanging fruit) and know in your heart that your life needs more, this generation is about experiencing rather than witnessing. Lebron and Nike had a campaign “We Are all Witnesses,” to Lebron’s greatness. That was a decade ago. Today, spread your arms wide, put your head back and yell as loud as you can, experience your life and feel how amazing your body is…”We Are All Experiences.”

If you are noticing changes in your brain, I am really interested in what is happening, please message me and tell me about it. I’m looking for examples and want to know what you do and how things go over the next few years. If you can navigate your ego and the finances, I encourage you to challenge yourself to learn new information, beyond the way you’ve studied in the past. If you can participate in structured education, you will accelerate the benefits of challenging your brain to learn. If it is difficult and seems impossible, you are probably on the right path. If you have heard yourself say “it was easier to learn things when I was your age,” or some other similar statement, think about how crazy that actually sounds and reframe it as “I’ve learned so much over the last decade, I am ready to learn anything.” Your Thoughts Are Important.

I’m sending you my strength to try new things, my belief in your abilities and some love to improve your week. This week outdoors yoga is at the University of Redlands Marin Campus in San Anselmo on Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-10:30am or Yoga In The Park at Creek Park from 9-10am on Saturday and Sunday. You are invited to the cacao ceremony, it is an amazing way to soften your life and bring the magic back in. Believe.


PS- You MUST know this. Positive. Constructive. This is what we are doing. Building. Good. Better. Great. You Can Do This. 

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