Mothers Day Instagram Contest

Anyone on Instagram and has a mini??? Find me at @gracelingyu and see my last post! If you participate everyday then you will get put into a lottery for a chance at a $100 shop card from Athleta! 2 winners will be chosen! ❤️


Rules below:

Join us for a pre-Mother’s Day #MommyAndMini2018 Yoga Challenge May 1-12! At the end of the challenge, we will announce 2 sets of winners to each receive a $100 shop card from our sponsor Athleta! Follow these steps to participate:

1) Set your profile to public so we can see your Instagram page.

2) Follow Hosts @gracelingyu and @pilinanice, and Sponsor @athleta.

3) Repost this Flyer on your Instagram page and tag some mommies who have minis and might want to join in too!

4) Post everyday and make sure to tag #MommyAndMini2018 @gracelingyu and @pilinanice in your text so we can see your photos!

5) Be creative, and most of all, have fun with your minis!!!

We will take turns posting the pose each day, starting with @gracelingyu on Day 1, then @pilinanice on Day 2, etc. If you are a planner and prefer to take all the photos this weekend, then here’s your cheat sheet!

May 1: Seated Meditation

May 2: Downward Facing Dog

May 3: Plank

May 4: Twist

May 5: Hip Opener

May 6: Forward Fold

May 7: Warrior

May 8: Standing Balance

May 9: Arm Balance

May 10: Backbend

May 11: Inversion

May 12: Yogis Choice


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