New Plans For Royal Sweet in San Anselmo

Are you ready to see something new and exciting in San Anselmo??? How about the old Royal Sweet building getting new life!

There is a Planning Committee meeting February 12th at 7pm. You can email in comments, show up and speak or if you are old school mail in a letter!!!

This is a surprisingly big building and the new plans call for a roof top deck and a complete rebuild of the interior.

I have heard rumors about dreams for this building since Royal Sweet closed. All of my prayers for delicious old fashioned doughnuts have gone unanswered…yet, this deck looks like the next best thing???

We all have opinions, ideas, dreams. It takes a lot of work, sweat, tears to create anything. You can participate by adding your voice, showing the plans to your friends and neighbors, talking about it, walking by and seeing the large plans in the window!!!

I believe we should earn nice things. As impossible as it seems at times, we live in heaven…we have the best backyard in the world and have access to the best Farmers Market in the country and truly delicious local food. If you think Royal Sweet has been empty long enough and this evolution looks good to you…experiment with how you can show support! Take a selfie with the plans and share them! Get on Next Door, give the silent middle finger to the haters, drop some positive comments on any of the postings about this space! Show up to the meeting and let Town Council know you want to see this building evolve!

I love San Anselmo and want to see our town evolve. I want it cleaner and safer, with a variety of shops and services we can use and participate in! I will support good people doing creative dreams!!!

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