Do It Anyway.

We were at the studio testing out the set-up on Friday and we got so excited we shifted our strategy and moved our streaming classes to the studio. Anybody know what it feels like to walk into a brick wall? Yeah, welcome to Monday. We didn’t go live today and we scraped our schedule for the week and started over, with less. 

Why are we doing less? Because the theme of the pandemic is make a small mistake, adjust and do it better. Each time we get up and try, anything is possible. 

We adjusted the time for our lives classes each day, changed the names of our classes and we are digging a little deeper. Each day we will post an additional featured OnDemand class if you want to do something different and we will have all of the regular OnDemand classes! We are recording new classes for OnDemand this week at the studio, our goal is to start adding them into the mix in July. This is us, shifting into summer.

Every strategy takes fine tuning, adjusting to work. The current Civil Rights movement is going to go thru a few changes, from protests to petitions to teach-ins and elections. Start local with https://www.alliesoftheblackcommunity.com – Allies of The Black Community is working here in the Bay Area to support local Black owned business and voting. There is so much work to be done, we all have to be patient and lift together. We can do this.


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