We Are One

“We are one.” I heard that from a dear friend of mine from Kenya while we skyping recently.  We were discussing community and “onesness” and what brings us together as opposed to falling victim of separateness and what tears us apart.  I’m all about community!  I have many communities.  My yoga community, my nursing community, my cycling community and the list goes on!  Of course there are my family and amazing friends community on top of that!

What I love most is bringing all of those communities together.  What makes that even better is communities coming together for a cause and eating, drinking and doing yoga!!!!  Sounds like freaking Valhalla!  So lets do it!!  We can start on Thursday 10/24 at Lincoln Park with my amazing friends Jen Ashby, Steve Simmons and Holly Bragman from 5-9. We can eat amazing food and drink tons of amazing wine and 10% of the proceeds from the night will generously be donated by the aforementioned to Africa Yoga Project.  Then you can go home and rest only to come back to Marin Power Yoga the next day for our Africa Yoga Project Halloween Jam at Marin Power Yoga and sweat it out while Sean and I teach a class followed by yet again more eating and celebrating!!!  Come one come all!  We are one!  Lets play and have fun like one!!!!


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