Our Schedule First Week of May

This is our schedule for the first week of May 2020!

You Are Doing Amazing.

Seriously, this is a ridiculous situation and none of us have ever been here before. Ever. Sit with that. It doesn’t matter how wrong you or I have been over the last 7 weeks. We are here right now for the first time.

Part of me wants to shake myself and scream as loud as I can “THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!” The other part of me is holding on so tight to the wheel, I can’t let go.

I love science and we are living in an incredible experiment right now. We all have to be patient, use our intelligence to understand what is happening in the world and our hearts to experience it with our families, friends and community. This is the practice.

I do have some really good news for you. The schedule you see above is happening on our new online membership portal. You have to sign up for a new account. This is brand new as of last week. In the month of May you can lock-in introductory pricing of $30 per month. We are streaming classes and have a quickly growing OnDemand library of classes.

People. You are in our homes with us. Yes, this is crazy and strange. You know we are all extroverted introverts right? Then I see families working out together, staying healthy and getting stronger. We are developing this for your whole family and it starts with you.

Look at the incredible streaming schedule we’ve got for you. Check out the OnDemand Classes, we are adding short classes this week so you can mix them into your day. We have kids classes, so we can be a positive force for your whole family, we will add more. Figure this out with us. Remind yourself, this is an experiment. Nobody knows what they are doing. If anybody tells you they know what they are doing, be skeptical. Seriously.

We are all going to fail at a lot of stuff in the coming days, from parenting to dinner to touching something or forgetting your mask. Forgive yourself, laugh at and with yourself, keep going, do your best, it is enough.

Oh yeah, our new platform is awesome. Grow with us. This is not us failing. This is us correcting a mistake and seeing a way thru the darkness. When we are late to a stream or it is tough to find the class you are looking for, take a deep breath, browse thru the awesome selection of classes and practice with us. We are creating an incredible resource with you.

May the Fourth Be With You,

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