Pivot Hard with Jamie and Ariane

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See the note from Shannon Mahoney: Just listened‚ĶJamie Foresta Ginsberg & MPY appreciate you all for continuing to spread the word about Allies (www.aotbc.com) The AOTBC community is growing each week and so is our awareness of why we all need to lean in. A little bit goes a long way, together, is SO true. Thanks to a few successful events, we are getting ready to release our 4th grant ($5K) to a local, Black owned small business and very close to the 5th – which I’m confident we will hit before year end. When we release the grants, we are including a letter that lists the first name and last initial of EVERYONE that has donated to make these grants possible. These grants, while small, are meaningful and helping to back a shift in our community towards inclusiveness that has been lacking. I am with you on national change needing to happen, and find where we can improve things first is ground up and in our backyard. So much to do and it brings a feeling of hope seeing people engaged on many levels, when there are so many lanes of inequity to tackle. xo

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