PlayLists 2020

PlayLists from our Teachers!

Our Teachers put together a bunch of playlists for you to do class to or cook to or road trip with. We will be adding to this list!

Amy Ginsberg

Feel Good Sounds – Apple Music

Amy’s Vibes – Apple Music

Danuta Heilemann

BootCamp 1 – Apple Music


Rise and Shine Yoga Saturday 7.23.2017 – Sound Cloud

Jenny Garanina

Get to movin’ yo! – Spotify

Jessica Lapic

Fitness 2 – Spotify

Kelsey Sands

Power Yoga Flow – Spotify

Laura Oronzi

March 2020 – Apple Music

Marianne Mullen

Yin – Dessous La Mere – Spotify

Megan Webster

Yoga 3/5 – Apple Music

Natalie Mayo

CK 2-29!! Leap Year – Spotify

10 Minute Meditation – Spotify

Victoria Pitt
Consolidate – Spotify

Wendy Wilkinson

Reservation Road – Yin – Spotify

Power – Spotify

Thanks To Impermanence, Everything Is Possible. Thich Nhat Hanh