Marin Power Yoga is launching our Podcast! If you like to practice yoga listening to classes and don’t want video, this podcast is for you! You can download our audio only classes and take them with you anywhere to practice in the sanctity of your headphones!

This is a subscription based way to get our classes audio only with no ads in them.

Our Podcast is available on Apple only, Subscribe for $5 a month and Practice with Us!

Challenging Yoga, Fitness and Meditation classes to connect your mind, body and soul. Subscribe to these classes and immerse yourself in San Anselmo, with our mix of classes intentionally created to support your active life. Capture the feeling of being in class with us, while practicing anywhere in the world. Our classes will strengthen your muscles and stretch deeper reducing injuries and increasing your performance. When you want recovery, tap into our yin and gentle yoga classes to move slower and lengthen your muscles. Our mat pilates classes are incredible for developing all of your little muscles and shifting the balance of strength in your body, these are great for physical therapy as well as back injuries. Live your best life with us!