Starting over? No. We have so much experience and knowledge from the past, we have to use that! This isn’t about opening up the doors, moping the floors and saying we are open. This is about looking at the past carefully and making sure we create intentionally an amazing space in real life and online that is educational and empowering!

We are integrating in new software, today. There are some nice features around connecting to friends and being able to invite them to class (yes, I have already invited Gavin and Amy to classes this week, you know I love this). More practically the software let’s us manage our class schedule and makes it easy for you to register for classes and have a membership.

You’ve changed. I know. Right? We had to increase our prices, we are close to industry standard now and while that may be surprising, we will continue to work with people who reach out needing financial assistance. We created a new online Membership for our people wherever you are in the digital universe, this will include our live streams and OnDemand videos. As we open for hybrid classes, the online videos will remain available for all full memberships!

Another big change is a difference between auto-pay and a one month membership. Your auto-pays help us to have a business, plan classes and staff…your membership is so important to the health of the community we have kept the price lower by $30 per month. Yes, we want you to be auto-pay members!!!

There is more information coming, we are trying to be better communicators and share more information transparently!

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