Shining Bright In The Night

Picture Quote Moon Khalil Gibran

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.” Kahlil Gibran

Looking up at the full moon these last few nights I can’t help but be in awe of the hugeness of it all. As we passed into a full moon, it started rising during the day and as I biked home from yoga at 7:10am I could see it setting. The bigness of it all resonated with me this month. Maybe it is the season, maybe it was the cold weather keeping the sky so clear or maybe it is just me appreciating the moment.

Part of my commitment to myself and our community is appreciating small moments. More than simply recognizing the moment is worthy, consciously acknowledging the awesomeness of it.  This can happen in the middle of a yoga class when all of a sudden you realize you haven’t been present and you dive into the practice with renewed energy, it can also happen sitting in traffic when you notice the view is incredible and you find a way to stop cursing, turn up the music and enjoy being exactly where you are. This is the practice.

How it shows up for each of us is different, but it does show up for us. Interpretation. We can look at the moon on any given night and only see the dark side. The dark side will always be there, it is part of our human nature. We can choose to bring more of the positive energy into everything we do. When you look up at the moon tonight, you decide what you want to see and make a deliberate decision as to how you interpret what you see. Whatever you do, acknowledge that moment and celebrate it!

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