Slow Down

You are trying too hard.

Slow down. Let Summer happen. You don’t have to try so hard. I say these words more for me than you at this point. I can’t figure out the rhythm, the mix of suburban sounds of gates opening, the gentle hum of traffic picking up, the cool morning fog and the blur of days melting into nights. I know these are precious moments I should appreciate more, yet FB tortures me with memories of past traveling adventures and watching the news is an experiment in disbelief and shock. It is tough to live in the present moment.

The schedule for the week is above and a few pictures from our beach day are shared below (thank you Breana). We are keeping the Live schedule minimalist as we reset our systems for the Fall, we are modifying our streaming set-up over the next few weeks improving our quality and production abilities, while we shoot more videos for the OnDemand system so you have a library of classes available. This is the scene in the movie when the plane is taking off from the dirt jungle airport strip, loaded with supplies, praying we make it above the trees at the end of the runway and doing everything we can to make that possible. I know the adjustments we are making right now are critical.

Speaking of movies, we watched Greyhound the other night, a Tom Hanks big screen thriller filled with war time tension (or 2 hours of you life you will never get back). As they cross the Atlantic, being hunted by German Submarines during the war, they make these small calculations in navigation that result in significant differences in their location. This is where we are now, making tiny adjustments that will make sure the torpedo misses us and we have enough fuel to get across the sea. Feel that tension?

We are in Alpha testing of an exciting new adventure in health and fitness coaching. We are all going thru the same crazy cycles and struggles with motivation and positive habit building. We are testing a new system and I can tell you from my personal experience, the results are immediate. This is new for us and we want to get it right. If you want to test this with us, reply to me and I will put you into one of our Beta groups coming this week. We aspire to have this fully functional in mid-August.

If you are looking around this week going, “WTF is happening?” that means you are paying attention. I can’t explain to you how 4 months into a pandemic we have less valid information that when we started, but we all know the current government is a joke and made up of corrupt people who are less intelligent than you or I. How embarrassing is it that we drive down a road named after a rapist, murdering slave trader? Or that we send our kids to a school named after him? We don’t get to pick and choose our racism, we have to do the work of educating ourselves and changing the story. The current civil rights movement is doing that, we are the generation who can document and share the injustices of the world and shine light on the people creating the change we need. Your voice matters.

I don’t have any easy answers for you, I am encouraging us all to stay in the process of asking questions gently this week. Get out in nature and take a hike, get to the beach and listen to the waves crash onto the shore breaking down our barriers to love and inclusion. This is the time to remember who you are and what skills you have to contribute to our collective evolution. Listen carefully to the people in your life, hear the struggles they are going thru and love them relentlessly.

Peace and Masks,


Photo Credit: Breana Thomas – Thanks for the images from class at the beach!

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