Slowly breaking my heart

You Should Be Broken Hearted.

The news is so terrible this week, you have to look at the selfie of Bazzi and I just so there is good news. Seriously. I had big plans of “dropping our big announcement” today and it just isn’t relevant to what is happening in the World right now. Maybe next week, will be better. We are on the brink of our Second Civil Rights Movement and it feels impossible to make progress. 

It isn’t just Wisconsin, this is Tiburon and the police harassing Yema in his own store. This is listening to our neighbors say “changing the name of our high school is too expensive” while ignoring that our kids aren’t feeling safe at school due to racism. If you are struggling to understand the moment, the NBA boycotted last night to help you discuss these issues at your breakfast table. This isn’t big, it is huge. Race is the most important discussion in America right now. Think about how crazy that is, our biggest problem is Equality for Black people, during a pandemic and the most corrupt presidency America has experienced with fires burning across California and hurricanes hitting our Southern coast. We have a serious problem and we need to talk about it.

I don’t know how we take the next steps. I am encouraging all of us to stay informed and look for opportunities to support people doing good work. Start discussions with your family and friends, participate in discussions happening and use your voice to call out racism and start the process of change. As a White person I have been listening and avoiding taking action. This is wrong. All White people are complicit in the institutionalized racism we live within. We all have to speak up when we see racism, it is happening all around us and we have to call it out, get it into daylight and move past it. This doesn’t mean I am trying to “lead the movement,” it means I am going to support the movement and ask you to step up also.

When you hear people calling for a compromise on the school name, as in the Drake Ducks, ask yourself why? Why are we trying to hold onto the racist past instead of acknowledging we know better today and do better now. If you went to the HS and have that much attachment to the name I have great news for you, there is a lot more to life than your high school memories. When you hear people use expense as the reason, laugh out loud (with your mask on) and tell them we all know this has nothing to do with money, this is about racism. Please do not be confused, the name of our local high school is part of the Second Civil Rights Movement. This is one small story in our current history and it is deceptively important.

People, this moment in time is bigger than all of us. If your heart isn’t broken, watch any of the videos of Black people being shot in America this year. It hurts to watch. People of Color need us all to rise up with them and demand Equality. We are in this together. I send my positive energy out to all of the firefighters and first responders battling to save us, to all of the teachers and parents trying to navigate back to school, to the kids who are learning in new ways and most of all to you, because it is you and I who are going to make a difference.


PS- If you are reading this wondering what it has to do with yoga or fitness, you are on the right track. What does yoga mean and how do we practice it? This is yoga today.

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