Start Tomorrow

Start Tomorrow.Seriously, it might be too much to ask you to start right now, or even today, so I am encouraging you to start tomorrow. Last week was crazy, there is a movement to change America by eliminating police brutality and making Black Lives Matter spreading across our country one protest at a time. These protests are taking many different forms, from marching in the streets to sharing resources from Black owned businesses to support to books to read and talks to listen to. This is an incredible opportunity to educate ourselves and share this knowledge with our community.”The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” James Baldwin

I am not sharing links to donate to causes or books to read today. I am encouraging you to do your own research, read and watch the stories unfolding across the country, keep your eyes open and be willing to feel the pain of freedom. We each have an important role to fill in this time of change, that role is not defined because your first job is to figure out what solution do you want to be part of, finding this is a combination of researching what people are doing and how they are doing it combined with movement that frees your mind to see clearly, some people call this exercise. This movement is your time for reflection, whether you sit and breathe and meditate or you do the core challenge starting Tuesday or you run or bike the mountain or do our live or OnDemand classes or you do the same VHS tape you have been rocking for 30 years; use your physical exercise to intentionally clear your mind, the role you are to fill or your purpose will slowly become clear to you.

Don’t rush. Seriously. It’s Monday. Practice today. Make a small attempt. Maybe a few small attempts. Laugh at your success and your failures. Take yourself less seriously. Why? Our society is broken, there is no re-opening or return to normal coming. We need you to observe, question, learn and take action to create a new world in which racism does not exist. You have an important role in this. Find your voice and use it.

Peace and Wear A Mask,

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