Africa Yoga Project

Walter and Anthony from Africa Yoga Project teaching at Marin Power Yoga this week!

Walter Africa Yoga Project Teacher

From Nairobi, Kenya to San Anselmo!!!

Walter and Anthony are coming to teach at Marin Power Yoga this week!!!

I am excited about the next week here at MPY. Why? Because we are hosting Walter Mugwe and Anthony Eniem as they visit the Bay Area! I can barely wait to take their classes and experience first hand teachers trained by and with Africa Yoga Project. Walter and Anthony are Baptiste trained and work directly with Paige Elenson teaching at the Shine Center in Nairobi and all over Kenya! From an awesome kids class to power yoga and workshops, we have great programming coming your way! All of these classes are donation based with limited edition clothing from AYP in the retail store for one week!!!

Anthony’s goal for 2014 is to Inspire and Transform lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of Anthony’s goal and share this as a community!
See you on your mat!

Friday March 14, 2014

9:00 – 10:15am Anthony

Lighting up the studio all the way from Nairobi, AYP is bringing partnership and possibility thru a challenging and invigorating yoga practice!
Sponsored by Lululemon Corte Madera

6:00 – 7:15pm – Anthony and Walter
Friday Night we are celebrating life and creativity with the guys co-teaching a special 75 minute yoga flow.
Sponsored by Magnolia Avenue Salon (Karen Davis)

Sunday March 16, 2014

9:30 – 10:45am – Anthony and Walter Teaching Power Yoga with Live Music from Wade Peterson
We are going to move our feet and lift our spirits. We gather together and create joy thru our practice!!!
Sponsored by Acumen Industrial Hygiene (Spillane Family)

Monday March 17, 2014

9:00 – 10:00am – Anthony and Walter are Teaching the Kids!!! Age 5 and up invited to this “all ages” kids practice! The kids are taking over the main yoga room for a lively class filled with laughter and joy!
(there will be an adult class upstairs in the tree house)
Sponsored by Allison and Sam Black

6:00 – 7:15pm – Anthony and Walter are Teaching Power Yoga Monday night, blowing off steam and detoxing! Join us as we close out the day with a deep practice!
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Tuesday – March 18th, 2014

6:00 – 7:15am – Walter and Anthony
Rise and Shine with us as we light up the day and fire up our spirits! This is the 6am class you want to be at!!!
Sponsored by Danielle Salk, Zamira Solari and Beth Sasan of Bradley Real Estate

1:30 – 3:30pm – The Power Of Connection – Walter and Anthony are leading a workshop in assisting. Get hands on and dive deep into assists! Do you love a good firm assist in yoga class? Want to learn how to give assists? Improve the assists you give? Learn safe and effect assists!
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Wednesday – March 19th, 2014

9:00-11:00am – Hand Stands and Hugs – Walter and Anthony teach a special Inversion Yoga Class! You will sweat, flow and fly!!! This will be a full class with a bonus break out into inversions.
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7:15pm – Acro Yoga Workshop with Anthony and Walter! From standing and balancing to flexing and flying, get ready to connect with your mind, body and soul!
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Anthony Africa Yoga Project Teacher

First Steps

Don't Tell me the Sky's the limitI have come to the conclusion that I think too much.  So much so that it often debilitates me.  In fact as I am sitting down to write this blog, I said to Sean “I need a process.” He laughed because he knows how I am.  I often have fantastic ideas but never get around to starting them or even worse, I start and don’t finish.  There I said it.  When this was brought to my attention recently I retaliated with a horrible statement that I won’t even write.  That’s because what we resist persists.

One of the things I have often talked about wanting to do, is to go to Africa with the AYP.  When I mentioned this a couple of years ago, my fantastic husband in his very militant forthright fashion replied  “make it happen.”  Fast forward to now.  With the opening of Marin Power Yoga and the presence of  such amazing people in my life, I am making it happen.   Yes, I need support.  But that’s okay because that is why we have community.  We are doing this together.  When I stood in the room teaching the AYP jam, for a moment it felt surreal.  I am making it happen!  We are making it happen!
Again, this is only the beginning, there is much more that needs to be done.  However, instead  of perceiving it as work, I am choosing to call it fun.  Something that I want to do.  A choice.  An opportunity to create community while we work together to make the world a better place.  I can’t even  begin to think of something that would rather do.
We have created an initial goal of raising $10,000 to support Africa Yoga Project! There are a few easy ways you can help me! Stop in to MPY and buy a Sweatshirt or a T-Shirt! The sweatshirts are $45 and the T’s are $30…the proceeds are donated to AYP!!! Check out the bracelets at the front desk, they are awesome and the proceeds are donated to AYP! If you wish to donate online here is the link: https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/ayoga/campaign.jsp?campaign=274&test=true
Thank you all for helping make this happen!
Meditating Buddah

Africa Yoga Jam – Create!

Africa Yoga Project Jam

This Friday, August 30th from 6-9 pm we are celebrating the end of our 30 Day Yoga Challenge with a Donation Based fundraising class for the Africa Yoga Project! This is what you need to know:

Theme: This is an 80s Jam! Bring out the leg warmers and tease your hair BIG!  We have an 80s playlist ready to rock!

Shop: Lululemon is hosting a Trunk Show! Stock up on some new yoga clothing and a portion of proceeds will benefit the Africa Yoga Project!!! They will be in our New Space from 5-9pm!

Practice: Fast Paced Up Tempo Yoga Jam! From 6-7pm we are practicing for Africa Yoga Project!

Celebrate: We are getting a keg of delicious Lagunitas beer, light snacks & YOU! Drink and be merry with us from 7-9 pm.

Help: Write Checks, Stuff Cash in a Box, Bring Spare Change and Hit the Credit Card. We are coming together and extending the reach of our community to Africa.

The Light In Me Sees The Light In You. Namaste!

Number Facts:

  • 350 Free outreach yoga classes a week!
  • Reach over 6000 people a week through yoga!
  • Employ over 72 yoga teachers in Kenya. Their salary allows them to take care of themselves and 6 to 8 family members.
  •  210 yoga teachers trained through Africa Yoga Project teacher trainings giving them the opportunity to find employment by teaching yoga!

Check out these videos below to see more about AYP:

And this one: