Blooming – Letting Your Self Shine

We are all constantly in a state of change, evolving beyond the limitations of our imagination. The Hydrangea is an amazing plant with huge blossoms that are made by a bunch of little flowers blooming at the same time. When we practice yoga together, we become like the hydrangea. We sync up and our ability to change becomes a group effort as we bloom together. Our individual efforts are magnified as the power of numbers creates something new.

Like the Hydrangea below that I spotted in Larkspur, we must work together to enable us to become something uniquely beautiful. We practice yoga daily, nourishing the body as we strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and expand our minds. This is the “diet” that empowers us to bloom. You have planted seeds, watered and fertilized – now is the time to blossom.

Blooming In San AnselmoMarin Power Yoga is located at 135 Tunstead Avenue in San Anselmo California 94960.