Grateful – Our March Challenge!


The Gratitude Challenge kicked off this morning! Here are the details!!! 1) Monday – put your name up on the board, commit!!! 2) Become aware of when you are complaining. 3) Create Positive change in your language -Take Action!!! 4) Post up on the Blackboard what you are grateful for. 5) Extend this challenge to your friends and family and neighbors – we are all in this together.

This is our March Challenge to ourselves, to you as our community, to you as our family. What are you Grateful for today? Right Now? We are creating the positive lives we want to live, it starts with a feeling inside and extends to every part of our lives. Let’s Do This!!!

40 Day Yoga Challenge Starts – Details

40 Day Yoga ChallengeOur 40 Day Yoga Challenge is on! Over 44 people signed in to kick us off! There is still time to put your name on the wall!!!

Why do the Challenge? Because you can! If you have questions ask us!!! This is designed to create an amazing 2014. Thru our daily yoga practice we will increase our flexibility while toning our muscles and even rediscovering ones we have forgotten we have!

Check out all of the details of the 40 Day Yoga Challenge below:
This program is FREE, you only pay for your yoga!
Practice every day, we credit you for home practice and other studios!
Miss a day? Do a Double!!! Cultivate Strength, Flexibility, Improved Health & Joy with our Community!
Monday Nights – Weekly meetings 7:05-8:05pm – We have awesome programming created for these meetings, these will make your 40 Day Challenge!!!
Weekend Workshops! These are all optional and an easy way to get in a double!

Jan 4 – Alignment To Prevent Injuries (Jen & Sean)

Jan 11 – Meditations & Mantras (Laura)

Jan 18 – Inversions – Upside Down! (Wendy)

Jan 25 – Pranyama – Cultivating Energy Thru Breathwork (Eric)

Feb  1 – Chakra & Element Awakening (Helaine & Marina)

Feb 8 – Yin-Tensive (Helaine)

***Workshops will be free for Members and normal drop-in for Guests!
January 21st-28th we will be cleansing led by local nutritionist Kia Sanford. This will get kicked off at the Monday night meeting!

Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge Starts in August!

Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge!
Are you ready to get stronger, more flexible and even lose a little baby fat in August? Take the Marin Power Yoga 30 Day Challenge!!! Starting August 1st!!! This program is free with your membership! We will be doing 30 yoga classes in 30 days, 4 amazing workshops and a cleanse. Sign up online and end the summer looking and feeling great!
August 3rdAlign To The Divine – Alignment Workshop –  Get the alignment for the poses we do EVERY single class into your body. For the first hour and a half we will dig into the nuances of how your body moves in and out of poses, this is a great opportunity to dive into your practice and land the alignment in your body. This workshop will be taught by Jennifer and Sean Silvera!!!
August 10thTake Me To a Higher Ground –  Meditation Workshop – We will start by teaching core meditation techniques you can take with you into your life and end with a guided meditation. Be prepared to elevate! This workshop will be taught by Laura Noss Stuphen!
August 17thIt Ain’t Easy Being Green – Nutrition Workshop – Discuss incorporating more greens into your life as we embark on a 7 Day Green and Fruit Cleanse! Clean out that Blender, you are going to need it!
August 24thFloat Like a Butterfly – Arm Balancing Workshop –  This workshop will put all of the strength you have built up in the 30 Day Challenge to work! Whether it is Side Crow or 8 Limbed Sage, Come Prepared to land a new pose in your practice!
August 30th – Celebrate with us the completion with a Special Yoga JamsFundraiser for The Africa Yoga ProjectFriday Night Jams! 7:3–9:00 PM – This is a donation based class that will light up your weekend and your life!

*All workshops are from 1:30-3:30 on Saturdays. They are complimentary to participants in the 30 Day Challenge or $30 if you are not in the Challenge. The Challenge itself is free, the Yoga you pay for with your membership!
Marin Power Yoga 30 Day ChallenegeThis program is hosted by Marin Power Yoga in San Anselmo California. We are located at 135 Tunstead Avenue across the street from the Library!