Finding JOY In Your Yoga Practice!

There is a lot of “work” done in your daily yoga practice. We practice a very physical form of yoga that will challenge your muscles and create flexibility, at a price. It is going to take commitment and focus. Even faith on those days you don’t want to practice. What is the reward? Happiness, Joy and maybe even LOVE. When we are deep in a twist, wringing sweat and poisons out of our body, we breathe. We find ease in the tight spaces and push ourselves to find a “new edge.” Why? Why do we push, pull, sweat and stretch?

For the love of life. This is the result we find consistently when we practice. A deeper appreciation for the moment, the planet, our lives and each other. When you are in a difficult place, whether it is a yoga pose or a conversation with your best friend, find a way to express the Joy that resides deep in your soul. Let it shine out and spread to everyone you are in contact with. We practice and because we practice we are better. Better than we were yesterday. Keep your head up and smile, you will light up the world!

Olivia in Leaning Tree Yoga Pose

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Phyllis Diller – Olivia demonstrates the joy of “leaning tree.” Next time you are on your mat, try playing with a few poses. Explore the world you are creating!

You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For!

You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For! Meditation can be part of your daily routine, it is an easy routine to work into your life. What is the secret? Just Do It! A few minutes a day ill keep your head working for you. Find a comfortable space in your house or out in your neighborhood. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breathing. As it becomes regular, keep your intake of breath the same as your exhale. Let the thoughts pass by, acknowledging them but moving them on their way. Rinse and repeat daily!!!

Alex Meditates at Marin Power YogaWe are adding in group meditation this summer! Take a workshop or drop in and go deeper with us!

Marin Power Yoga is located in the heart of San Anselmo at 135 Tunstead Ave, San Anselmo California 94960.