Injury Recovery With Massage

Let’s face it, we all know that a therapeutic massage just feels darn good, but do you also know that a massage can improve the quality of your life – maybe just making things a little better?  Think about the possibilities of… 
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Reduced chronic pain.
  • Quicker injury recovery.
  • Increased circulation (increased blood flow delivers nutrients & oxygen to muscle tissue & reduces restrictions, which helps muscle function).
  • Deep relaxation & stress reduction; massage stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers).
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system (which speeds up the elimination of wastes).
The nerve receptors in our skin are linked to our nervous system. Massaging the skin can stimulate and release chemicals in the brain like serotonin that help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Massage boosts the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar levels, improves lung function and breath flow.
These physical / direct benefits along with the feeling of being cared for and well treated by your massage therapist can create a genuine feeling of well-being. Massage & yoga go hand in hand as the core work & stretching in yoga can increase your muscle flexibility.  Therefore, the more flexible your muscles are, the less stress they put on your joints, which in the end can lead to less pain.  Continue to commit to yourself and your quality of life!

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Releasing Toxins

Detoxification and the New Year go hand in hand, and there are less enjoyable ways than a hands-on session to help release the accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes that accumulate through the year. Massage offers a great cleansing addition to a detox program by assisting in the movement of both the blood and the lymph.

The lymphatic system, along without circulatory system plays a vital role in helping to cleanse our bodies. Gentle stroking and rhythmic rocking techniques assist in the bodies’ passive flow of lymph fluids helping to speed the reduction of lactic acids, uric acids, nitrogenous wastes and free radicals out of the body, allowing for your cleanse to be deeper and more thorough.

By increasing the circulation deep to the joints, in and around the lymph nodes and to the furthest extremities of the body as wastes are carried out, so too are beneficial nutrients carried in. Remember to hit the broth, and plenty of good brown rice before the session and be prepared to replenish after! Spring is coming…

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Fascia – Stretching and Your Yoga Practice

Often times while practicing, one comes to places from which movement is restricted. Restriction precedes pain in the area and it’s surrounding tissue, which develops a sandy, crunchy texture. Stretching doesn’t seem to help or it may even make the situation worse. Over time, the area impacted increases and begins to go numb and both one’s practice and one’s life become less than enjoyable, depressing our mood and our desire to practice.

Such conditions are common in our bodies. Muscles, organs and bones are surrounded by and encased in a network of tissue known as “fascia.” In the most generalized and simplistic of terms the fascia can be thought of as an unbroken web of elastic tissue that protects the bodily tissues from crushing, hyperextension and tearing. This tissue has it’s own consciousness and decision-making process and it is often the cause for continuing muscle pain or joint tension, which remains and increases until the fascia decides (or is convinced) that to release is safe for the area and allows full movement again.

Over time, if unaddressed, the fascia accumulates adhesions of metabolic waste products such as lactic acid, uric acid and nitrogenous wastes. These wastes form the crunchiness of the muscles, and cause increasing tension as they accrue due to their sharp edges and acidic nature. That pain causes the body to tense further to compartmentalize the pain resulting in tenser musculature that stretching irritates (by causing the wastes to abrade the muscle tissues and burn them) creating a negative feedback loop that wears down the body and depletes one of the energy that your yoga practice provides!

How can you change this? A deep tissue massage will clear energy pathways, empowering your body to heal and recover faster. Massage is often treated as a luxury, an indulgence and a special treat. Massage is critical for maintaining the balance in your body, reducing your chance of injury and recovering from past injuries. Simply put, you don’t have to live in pain, schedule a massage with me today!