You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For!

You Are The One We Have Been Waiting For! Meditation can be part of your daily routine, it is an easy routine to work into your life. What is the secret? Just Do It! A few minutes a day ill keep your head working for you. Find a comfortable space in your house or out in your neighborhood. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breathing. As it becomes regular, keep your intake of breath the same as your exhale. Let the thoughts pass by, acknowledging them but moving them on their way. Rinse and repeat daily!!!

Alex Meditates at Marin Power YogaWe are adding in group meditation this summer! Take a workshop or drop in and go deeper with us!

Marin Power Yoga is located in the heart of San Anselmo at 135 Tunstead Ave, San Anselmo California 94960.