Michael Franti

SoulShine Tour at the Greek!



We are headed to Berkeley this Saturday to practice yoga with Michael Franti and friends, then dance and sing as 4 Bands play including Michael Franti and Spearhead!!! For complete info check out the website for the tour here: http://www.soulshine.com/

Dance is part of the celebration of life. In many ways yoga is a dance, from the choreography or sequencing to the way the body moves and opens whether it is to the rhythm of your breath or the music. The physical practice of yoga and dance moves energy thru your body, blasting some channels open and healing areas that need it in your head, heart and soul. You want joy? You have to sing! Whether you whisper or roar, singing will elevate your life., filling it with happiness.

“Life is Better with YOU!” Michael Franti singing with Jason Bowman on Guitar and Baron Baptiste teaching at Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area.Michael Franti Quote

Music Sweet Music

This is a GREAT few weeks with Michael Franti and Spearhead! I am kicking off the festivities with the AWESOME Franti Playlist (posted below) for the 6am Tuesday class I am subbing for Sean. I tested it tonight on the 6pm tonight and played it loud!!! Yes, it rocked!!!

Wednesday night Amy and I are headed to the Do It For The Love fundraiser at Sweetwater in Mill Valley. As the kids say, this is a “Hella” Expensive event. Small show with Michael, BOOM!

June 21st, tix are on sale at the Greek in Berkeley to see Michael Franti and Spearhead, there is a Yoga Class before the show at the Greek. Hell Yes!!! We are taking the kids and spending the afternoon in the East Bay!!!

Michael is an inspiring guy, from his music to touring around the world in bare feet to support kids without shoes. He is a Bay Area native who sings from the heart and will get your feet moving. If you love life, you will stir your soul and DANCE. Are you ready???

michael Franti Playlist