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Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time

The focus on productivity and profitability is paramount in corporate culture in America. The emphasis on a high hourly wage combines with this to distort the value of our time. How we “spend” our time is important. Having a hobby is a lost art form. Wasting Time is not celebrated in a society that is lost in a rat race.

How do we break the cycle? How do we claim our families and save our souls? Sometimes we have to waste a little time. We have to dive into our passions and enjoy how we invest our time…whether that is watching the waves roll in or feeling the cool mountain breeze. Let your body and mind relax, you will perform at your highest potential. Some days, I need to sit on a rock and enjoy the view, some days a hike or ride and others days I need to get on my mat and do the work. Wring my body out, work thru physical pains and mental blocks. Every time I get on my mat, I have a chance to begin again. You have that chance every single day.Time Wasted

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ― Marthe Troly-Curtin

Stop Playing Small

Rumi Stop Playing Small

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” 
― Rumi

Your time is now. Stop Playing Small. Start Living Fully. Find a way to be of service to yourself. Figure out how to share that success with your friend, neighbor or relative. Rinse, Repeat. You are alive with amazing potential, it takes hard work and a lot of love to realize your potential.

Yoga is not the cure all for everything. But it can be a place where you can let go of the stuff in your head, build strength and flexibility, breathe and find out what your potential really looks like. You will relax, sleep better and in general see how sunny it is outside. Start today.

Nothing To Lose

A person with nothing to lose is dangerous. My gut check is usually, “what is the risk?” Essentially I am asking myself, “can I afford to lose this?” This is a question we should ask ourselves every time we loan our bike or car to a friend. Forget the car, can you afford to lose the friend? Will you still like them when they don’t fix the car they broke the way you would have? Can you afford to not have your car?

In some senses, this is why the government loans us money to get an education or buy a house, it is in society’s interest for you to have something so valuable you will not want to lose it. This shows up in our relationships with each other. We fear losing the relationship so we hold back, not knowing the other person wants us in all of our glory.

What do we have to lose? Trust. When I look at our community I appreciate how much you trust us. When I look at my personal relationships, I see they are all founded upon trust. Especially when I look to my kids Alex and Olivia, I see how much we are trying to create an understanding of trust. We are discussing a fragile relationship, a thin line that we walk on.

When the trust is lost, we have nothing to lose and we become free. We often call this trust, integrity. Our word is backed up by our actions. How we hold ourselves accountable, is what becomes our integrity. It is our professional standard. It is yoga. It is the union between our mind, body and relationships. As we sail thru this world, trust in your relationships and maintain your integrity when it is challenged. I am conscious that my most valuable asset is trust. As we make changes around here, hold us to that standard. Look around at your own life both personal and professional, if the trust is not there, you have nothing to lose…you are free.

“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.” Paulo Coelho


Celebrate Earth – What Are We Working Towards

Bon Tempe John Muir

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” John Muir

What Are We Working Towards?

Some days it feels like we are slowly moving thru a heavy fog. The air is cool and the mist is just thick enough that you don’t want to be in a car. You can see it moving, but you don’t want to move. There is safety in staying exactly where you are.

That feeling of safety is actually dangerous. It quickly becomes complacency and before we know it we are old. Most of us suffer from a rarely diagnosed disease called FOC…Fear Of Change. We prefer to stick with something we know, because the risk of not liking the unknown is not worth it. This always plagues me when I look at the menu for Sol Food. I want to order something different, but I know the chicken sandwich will deliver and if it doesn’t I can always guarantee joy with a generous dousing of their vinegary hot sauce.

What is the risk vs what is the reward? This is a normal question for us to ask ourselves multiple times a day. It should be the basis for most of our decisions! The real question is not about risk however, it is about degrees of joy and uncharted waters.

Sometimes we have to abandon our risk equation and simply focus on experience. Will the experience provide something new in our lives? Do we know the maximum benefit? I know the maximum joy I will experience with a crow pose, do I know the potential joy if I jump back into low plank? What about if I order a salad instead of the chicken sandwich?

We are sailing into uncharted waters at Marin Power Yoga and there is no question in my mind we will be hitting fog so thick the road will disappear. When in doubt we will check our compasses: Does this serve the greater good of the community? Will this create increased health and joy for our members? Are we doing this for the love of it? The answers will keep us on track. It takes a little bit of faith and a lot of courage to walk down the road without knowing what is in front of us. “Some days are better than other days, these days, life is better with you!” M. Franti.

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The entire universe conspired to help me find you

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” Paulo Coelho

Recognizing where you are and seeing the connection to your entire life is a significant part of being happy. Too many people drift thru life looking for happiness in a hundred different places, when it is already there. Whether it is a person, an animal or even Marin Power Yoga, it is time to stop treating this moment like it is an accident. We are all here together, for this brief moment in time. You can keep searching or you can indulge in this experience and dive deep.

Your yoga practice is moving, growing and expanding. Just when you start to feel comfortable, like you are handling this beast, you will discover a new pose or sequence that will really land in your body. We are building muscle and increasing our flexibility each time we practice. You are preparing for the unknown, the inevitable and this moment right now. It takes a lot of preparation to deliver to your expectations. Get on your mat and make sure you are ready. We are here for you!

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I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions!

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Stephen Covey – At every point in your yoga class, like your life, there are opportunities to make decisions. The decisions you make are IMPORTANT. We are here, now, because of a series of decisions. I always ask myself “what is the risk & what is the potential reward?” When you are in Side Plank, you can drop a knee, lift your top leg, reach back and “candy cane” or simply stay where you are. Each of these variations are right, the decision you make creates your experience. What is the risk? You may fall out of the pose, you may not be able to hold it or you may hurt yourself. What is the reward? You may grow beyond your perceived limitation, you may find a new freedom in the pose or your body may open just a little bit more than it did yesterday.

Whatever your situation is, recognizing that you have a choice in why you are here and what is happening to you is critical to your happiness. Your decisions may not always create the results you intend, but they must be your decisions. The decision to create joy in your life is possible every single day. Look at a single opportunity to make a decision that will create happiness in your life or someone else’s life and do the right thing. Whether you are on your yoga mat or in your car or at the coffee shop, make a decision today that will elevate your quality of life.

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