Investing In Our Team – Not A Dilemma



Recently we have gone thru a lot of changes at Marin Power Yoga. Teachers have been dropped from the schedule and new teachers added. There are no simple answers when it comes to why we ask someone to leave. The immediate conclusion some people jump to is there must be something wrong with management. I thought about this question long and hard, deciding I was more concerned about the negative effects of staying with what was comfortable then people thinking I was making a mistake. There is something wrong with management that does not make hard decisions because of fear of the outcome. There is something very right about making a decision for your team and your community and acting from a place of compassion.

I love the cartoon above, it speaks to fear and how people respond to it. Fear of being left, fear of investing in people and most of all fear of decision making. How do we invest in our yoga teachers? It starts with time. We put our time into their classes and participate in a feedback process with them to keep their classes improving. We are starting to video select classes and review the class with the teachers so they can practice to their own class and evaluate it themselves. We take photos of our teachers to promote their classes and inspire our students. We attend trainings and are bringing talented teachers to work with our teachers and our community thru out the year. Most recently we brought in the very local team of Teo & Oli from EXLI to work with our team on leadership, we drilled into our values, these core values determine how we show up on our mats, with our family and our community.

We are investing time, money and brain power into our teaching team. Why? Because we want to be great. We want our yoga classes to be great. I love what we have built as a foundation and I can see clearly how much potential we have. Reaching that potential is not an accident, it is the result of our intentional action. Our teachers pursue their knowledge relentlessly. They get on their mats regularly and give each other feedback because they truly care about each other and you. It takes a lot of love and dedication to create something like Marin Power Yoga. Our teaching team reflects this behavior working together to help each teacher and each student realize their greatness. This is what Positive Collaboration looks like. This is how we work at MPY. See you on the other side.

Tough Mudder – Just Say Yes!

Two weeks ago Saturday, I ran the Tough Mudder.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a military type obstacle course about 10 miles long and set up in Tahoe at Northstar. It’s sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project and its “something that I have always wanted to do.”  Yes, I did it.  The whole thing, every obstacle.  My regular yoga practice had my 43 year old body well prepared for the challenge.  Enough on that.  What was really amazing about that whole experience was something way bigger than the “feather in my hat.” 

I ran the Mudder with an acquaintance, Stephanie.  I have known Steph for years and have always thought how amazing she is.  A fellow RN, runner, amazing mom, fantastic wife and world traveler. She is the gal who decides to go to Vietnam and literally packs a back pack and goes.  I love that!  She was always one of those gals whom I have always said, “I would love to get to know her better.” 

From there the universe did its thing.  I put my intentions out and the response was a FB message one random day from Stephanie asking if I wanted to run the Mudder.  Of course I said “yes!!” Fast forward 4 months and Stephanie and I ran the Mudder.  A perfect combination.  We inspired each other, we cheered each other on, we laughed and we finished, cold, wet and dirty.  Stephanie is no longer my acquaintance she like a sister.  I know that she will always have my back and I hers.  I know what she’s made of and what she can handle and how.  What a gift.  What a blessing.

AYP, same thing. “Something I have always wanted to do”. Working on this project I am gifted regularly in some way shape or form.  It started with the gift of family togetherness as Sean, Skylar and I committed to do this.  From there it grew to include my extended family at MPY and then the local community and now moving into the international community. 

Most recently, I was introduced to two amazing women who wanted to donate their time to help with this project.  I met June and Cheri at Lincoln Park and while we drank wine we fired out ideas about upcoming events and what we can do to raise money for AYP.  While I was sitting there I knew, once again that I had made friends for life. Again, how blessed I am. 

Thank you Stephanie, June and Cheri and welcome to my life!  Thank you universe for giving me what I ask for!!!!

Sat Nam Yogis!


Jen Mudder

High Intensity Interval Training

Breathe Deep. Work Hard. Work Harder. 

This has been our daily mantra as we have practiced with you over the last 3.5 months. Now it is your turn! Wendy Rodgers is bringing High Intensity Interval Training to MPY. The new room is naturally lit and peaceful. You are going to laugh, play and work your ass off (seriously). Whether you want toned arms or ripped abs, Wendy is going to take you there. Find out more here.

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