Talk A Lot, Listen More

Walk San Anselmo & Shop! We have exciting pop-ups at MPY this weekend, Stop Drop and Dance at 6pm on Friday December 20th with Grace and a Winter Solstice Sonic Ceremony and Meditation with Gabe and Bodhi at 7pm on Saturday night! These are amazingly different events that will improve your holidaze and are a great way to torture your family. Have you been to TheShop, walked Town looking at the cute shops and precious items for your friends and family? Whether you get the perfect bag of gummies at Sugar for a stocking stuffer or the cute sweater at Kismet or something magical at Sage and Stone or an amazing hat at Neve and Hawk or yoga pants at TheShop or a gift certificate at any of the fitness places in town…this is the best time of year to enjoy shopping local. The sun literally popped out as I typed that, Right?

The holidays are a brutal experience, they challenge our ability to give gifts, our interest in creating ceremony, the challenges of communicating with our family and of course our relationship with success and failure. As you live thru the next few days, I encourage you to slow down and connect with your people, whether that is over a meal or a drink or a phone call. The experience of connecting with each other is incredibly challenging and the greatest reward. My pro-tip for you to thrive in this is “care more than you think is possible.” Seriously, be very interested in every conversation and encounter you have over the next week and you will have great experiences and learn more about yourself and your people. Yes, some of your people will confirm their crazy factor, some will also surprise you with their depth and brilliance. If this experiment is a failure, take your people for a walk up Baldy and find silence together between gasping for air and burning muscles. Maybe do that either way?

Check out the info below for our annual memberships, if you want info on yoga teacher training look at our website for the application. These are great programs to make 2020 the best year possible, they take your time and financial commitment, the personal growth you get to keep for the rest of your life and everyone in your family benefits from your work.

Have a fabulous weekend and include us in your life more.
Love and Peace,

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