Thank You Teachers!

Thank You!

I have so much to be thankful for today, from my warm seat in the morning sun that I write to you from, to the brief conversation with my daughter who turns 15 today. This is a practice and each day is more rewarding. 

As I lay under the covers this morning, my left hand dangling in the cool morning breeze, resting gently on Bazzi as she snored. I thought about how much I have struggled to learn, how hard it has been to understand simple concepts and the challenges between technology and my brain and life. At the edge of depression, I leaned over, inhaled slowly and deeply fresh air, and allowed the energy of gratitude to carry me back home. 

I am grateful today for all of the school teachers in our community who are researching safety protocols and learning about exponential growth of air borne viruses while mastering a new digital platform…all of this while caring immensely about our kids and thinking about how they can support the mental, physical and emotional health of their students. It is a lot. 

Thank You Teachers for continuing to learn and inspire us with your pursuit of knowledge and growth. Thank you for adapting the material to how my brain works, for project based learning opportunities and creative presentations. Thank you for staying after class or showing up early to class to explain to me, again in a different way, so that I could find a little bit more of my potential.

I know it is Monday and you have probably deleted 20 junk emails already. If you only close your eyes for a few seconds and picture a teacher in your head and send them your energy, you will have created value from this message. This is a Gratitude Practice because it is messy and each time you do it the benefits grow in unique ways. Practice with us.


PS – Yes, please post a video in our Community Group on FB expressing your Gratitude to your School Teachers! Why? Gratitude magnifies when you give it away!!! 

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