The Best Summer Ever

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The Best Summer Ever.

Summer plans seem impossible this year. We have been waiting for changes every 2 weeks for 3 months now. From drive thru graduations to zoom parties, this school year ended with a collective sigh of relief and a shrug of the shoulders, like when they announce the opposing team at a basketball game and after each players name we shout, “Who Cares!” We do. Summer is what dreams are made of, we make friends that last a lifetime, physically grow out of the clothes we don’t destroy, fall in and out of love, taste the sweetness of melon and sweat thru the longest days of the year. Even this year.

We all have to let go of the summer we had planned to discover the summer waiting for us, today. This is the start of your summer of change and it starts with setting some goals. What will you do by August 15, 2020? Make a note in your phone or a google doc or send me a reply to this email, this first action of documenting your goals is the first step into making them a reality, if you want to dramatically increase your chances of success, share them with a friend or the internet, you can even rally in an accountability buddy, someone you will check-in with over the summer.

Make some sections, from physical goals to business goals to learning goals to whatever is part of your life; list some specific goals in each section, considering how you will measure your progress. Keep it simple, like core work 5x a week or hold a plank for 3 minutes or hike Sorich once a week, or finish the back corner of your garden. I my goals I included finish my summer classes with great grades and a weekly sunset at the beach in my goals, sharing them with you will encourage me to finish my current paper and balance the sunsets with my reading.

This is the biggest summer of our lives. Seriously. We are in the middle of a global pandemic spreading rapidly and indiscriminately. As the economy reopens, avoid getting COVID-19 trying to relive some memory of what life used to be like. We are only 3 months in to “The Great Transition,” we are still ramping up, learning what is broken and where have we gone wrong. While I joke about some restaurants I will never visit again or how I will not sit on a public bench or taste someone’s coffee or shake hands, these are small examples of the changes we must still make. People, Hollywood has prepared us for this, we know there will be a second and third wave of this, imagine you are binge watching a series on Netflix or Police Academy 7. Speaking of the police, we are on the cusp of the second civil rights movement of modern times and the first of my lifetime.  Black Lives Matter.

As we protest and rally online, the police departments across the United States have struggles over the last few weeks as we told them to end police brutality against Black people and a movement started to shift the allocation of funding from the militarization of the police to social services, commonly referred to as defunding the police. If you don’t think it is time to redefine the work done by the police, consider it is a reflection of the real world where all of us are looking at our jobs and figuring out our contribution to society. The police have to do that also. I want to be clear, I am not saying fire or cut the police, I am saying redefine how we police in America and essentially who we police. If we need to say this more simply, the police have lost the public trust and have to earn it back again. It starts with saying Black Lives Matter and continues with adopting reform that will eliminate the murder of Black people.

3 step plan to make this the greatest summer ever 

1) Create some goals for the next 8 weeks; 

2) Stay healthy during this pandemic; 

3) Fight for freedom for Black people.

This will not be easy and everything will continue to evolve weekly. You don’t need to have all of the answers, perfect hair or complete a single goal. Failure will happen this summer, it is part of the process of pushing our limits and growing. Get up and try again, maybe a smaller step or incremental goal. Include the BLM in your goals, together we can create the change we need.

You will get more messages from me encouraging you this summer. I will remind you to fight for freedom for Black people, this is going to be a battle. I will also share with you tips and secrets for getting physically stronger and living your healthiest life (Meditate, Drink Water, etc.). I know that great health will not save your life if you get COVID-19, it is still random and unknown what happens. I also know that you have the best chance of survival if you are mentally and physically as healthy as possible. Our online learning system is designed to support your health, all of our health. Start with the Core Challenge we launched last week, or do a short class or whatever you find appealing in our class lists. If you have never taken a hula hoop class with us, Josie will take you back to 1982 and teach you some serious skills. Do the Work. We Are In This Together. Reply to this with 3 Goals for Summer.

BLM, Jamie


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