The Only Reason To Like Led Zeppelin

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There is something magical about the feeling of summer that was captured in Dazed and Confused, whether it was breaking the rules by having a pizza delivered to class or playing music too loud while driving around in a muscle car, even a hater like myself could nod my head along with Led Zeppelin. You don’t have to like the movie, or the soundtrack to fall in love with this summer, you just have to get to the ocean and remember how small and insignificant this moment is in the existence of time and be fully here.

As we stumble into the strangest summer of our lives, I am caught between the reality I see around Marin and the reality of what is happening across America and the World. If you look around the internet you will see videos of your local racist neighbor/relative verbally attacking BLM protestors in Fairfax, if that is happening here in Marin, what is happening in Los Angeles or Atlanta? As we recognize Juneteenth, for possibly the first time, honoring the freedom of Black people in America from slavery, we have to continuously confront the racism that exists within our local institutions, whether it is the Mayor of Mill Valley making racist comments or the Central Marin Police Department excusing their lack of diversity as a reflection of the community they server rather than acknowledging that Black Lives Matter and they must take steps to let the public know they are not going to kill Black people. 

Amongst the education and fundraising, here is a local effort to support Bay Area Black owned businesses. https://www.alliesoftheblackcommunity.com/ – we can all participate in creating the change in our local community, whether it is by sharing information, contributing dollars or using your voice to create equality. If each of us contributes $100, we will create a wave of support for real people who are our neighbors, friends and family. You know we are all made of the same star dust right? Seriously, use your voice and use your dollars, because you can.

I am watching the world turn and you have to know we are out of alignment with science and logic right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic, there is no treatment protocol which means if you get sick you are relying on your genetic luck as doctors don’t understand how this attacks the body or how to “save you.” At the same time, we are slowly waking up to the fact that we all should have started wearing masks in January. This is an airborne disease that doesn’t care how well your stocks are doing or how much your house is worth or whether you drive a nice car or ride a carbon bike. While the future is unknown, this is not a forever problem, it is a simple test of your patience, perseverance and intelligence. Don’t trust me, do your own research. 

People are excited for Town to partially close off on the weekends starting tonight so the streets will be walkable. I am a big fan of the idea and believe the key to saving our downtown area is to close San Anselmo Avenue off to cars completely and create a situation like the Barlow, where you can hang in Town and get local delivery from our restaurants. Less cars equal more people socializing and enjoying the decadence of where we live, imagine picnic on the plaza 7 days a week. That said, I will not be at this party during a pandemic. Low density is what makes us safe in Marin, anything that encourages close proximity or more people closer together is increasing the risk of transmission. Science is about experimenting and I appreciate watching a good experiment and am open to whatever the results are, currently the results are more people have COVID-19 in Marin each week, what are you betting will happen with more people commuting to the city for work and people gathering in our local Towns? 

Why am I so aware of the risks? We are super spreaders as a business. We come in contact with a large portion of Town on a weekly basis, with a group of people breathing deeply in close proximity to each other and the person with the most exposure to the most people talks for an hour. Well, at least we did. This is a perfect storm of density, proximity and time. I understand the risk of MPY very well, I love MPY and have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to “improving the health and happiness of our community.” You understand why we can’t be responsible for “outbreak,” right? If you haven’t seen Outbreak, don’t, it is too scary, but if you have, you remember the movie theater seen. That is what I think of when I imagine too many people gathering together. 

Thanks for the heavy warnings on wearing a mask and staying isolated and supporting Black equality on this amazing beautiful Friday starting summer. I understand this is a radical idea, you can go surfing today and still care deeply about the people around us. You can take a hike and still donate to Allies Of The Black Community. You can ride Mt. Tam and still wear a mask as you bike thru Town and you can still educate yourself and your children about the incredible importance of the time we are living in. The love inside of you is alive and powerful, use it wisely.

We are all in this together, 

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