The Revolution will be streamed

Will Not Be Televised.

Gil Scott Heron told us The Revolution will be live and direct, yet Friday night I watched Hamilton streaming on Disney + with Amy and Olivia and I could feel how close we are. I know I am the last person to actually see Hamilton with my eyes, the music is a beautiful story. I joking say “the revolution will not be televised, it will be streamed to your phone,” knowing the revolution isn’t a passive experience, it will require your active participation.

Today isn’t about celebrating beating the British or a start-up country, today is about breaking the chains of oppression, fighting the patriarchy, creating equality because Black Lives Matter and wearing a mask because we believe in science. Today is about freedom for all people.

Last week was shit, there were some good moments amongst a lot of bickering, moody days and sleepless nights. A reluctant acceptance of Summer 2020, fueled by frustration. Nobody said a pandemic was easy, yet I am strangely surprised it is still happening. This isn’t the new reality, we are in the middle of the greatest transition of our lifetime and we are the generation that doesn’t read instructional manuals even though they are printed in multiple languages.

Remember when we used to fly places? Every flight, as the noise cancelling headphones unfolded deep bass lines and I’d slow my breathing to relax into the take-off, I’d watch the stewardess demonstrate how to put your oxygen on first, before helping others. That’s what this weekend is. Recharge your batteries. Soak up some sun. Do some yoga with Araceli this morning at 9:30am or our first streaming live class with Wendy and Gabe launching Sunday Service. Fill up with deep breaths and gather your strength. We need you in this fight.

The challenges will get more difficult with each week of summer, between the outbreak at San Quentin, the staggering increase in hospital beds filled in Marin, the challenges of opening schools and protecting our teachers and the kids they love, fighting for equality for Black people and the elections in November. This is the most extraordinary battle of our lives and this is what we have been preparing for. Every single moment has led us to where we are right now, together.

I want to tell you about the pop-ups we are planning for 3 Saturdays this summer, they are renegade dreams we will do our best to make happen. Dates will be coming, directions to difficult to get to locations, supply lists and us in masks living and playing together. It might be delusional, if we can pull it off safely, we will.

Crank up the Gil Scott Heron, Hamilton and the newest album from Michael Franti and while you are dancing and singing, remember that you are an important part of this revolution. Listen to the birds, allow the sun to warm your spirit and the fog to clear your energy. Today is yours.

Love and Freedom For All,

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