This week online!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Every zoom call seems to include someone breaking up or forgetting they are on mute, “can you hear me now?” No. We can’t hear you. What? Seriously. We Can’t Hear You. You Must Speak Up.

I’m talking about life, not online meetings. The silence is oppressive and concerning, we need to know what your core values are and what you believe in. Your thoughts are important and when you put them into words and share your ideas they shift into goals and are more likely to become reality. We need to talk about the issues more and learn from each other.

It is not enough that we both do yoga, or ride the mountain or whatever simple enjoyment we find connection through. We must have the difficult conversations and communicate our Core Values. In our lifetimes we were discouraged from discussing religion and politics, that sounds crazy doesn’t it? What else matters? The weather? Baseball? Please. Those days are over.

This is the day and age of transparency and authenticity, we must all live our truth and share our journey. It is easier to say than to do, for all of us.

Yes, I am thinking about schools, teachers, kids, parents and our system of education; trying to understand how we transition during a pandemic. There are so many questions and attempts being made to figure this out. I know it isn’t lost on you that we are participating in a global science experiment. I hope you find it as funny as I do that the people who “don’t believe in science” are equally participating in this, nature does not care whether you believe in climate change or how viruses spread.

This is a strange week in Summer. It is the lull before the storm, the quiet stillness that allows the chirping birds to cut through the distant hum of cars commuting on the 101, the rays of sun slicing thru the trees and burning off the protective cloak of fog that promises to return by early afternoon. These are the reminders to love each other fiercely, to summon the strength to be kind and the patience to listen carefully and understand.

This is an election year and there are less than 100 days until we get the opportunity to vote. This year is very important. We will vote on local candidates for Town Council and the School Board as well as the President. We learned that “anybody can be elected to be President,” but not everybody is qualified to be a Public Servant Leader. We know first hand how important local politics are and how we have to educate ourselves beyond slogans and pithy statements. Get educated and vote for good people.

We will all make mistakes this week. You will forget your mask in the house, miss a zoom meeting and run out of almond milk. Forgive the small mistakes and call it Summer. Take the time to call someone instead of texting them, listen carefully to what they are going through and be available as a resource. This is the work, caring and being interested in each other, small acts of love generously shared.

This is the most exciting time of our lives, we are in the middle of a pandemic during an election year that has ignited the 2nd Civil Rights Movement. We have the opportunity to rebuild our public education system with an anti-racist philosophy and look at equality with our eyes wide open as we balance knowledge transfer and socialization and the safety of our teachers and students. This is our time. Rise up and face the challenges of the week with an open mind and a full heart. We need you.

Peace and Masks,

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