This Weekend

You Can Do It.

People. Looking into the mirror is painful and necessary for improvement. It is more than just trimming the beard and “attempting to keep up appearances.” It is looking at what we need to do more of and what we need to do less of. Before I tell you what I have seen and am improving, I want to share the secret ingredient you can mix into your Summer. “You can get it if you really want.” Jimmy Cliff sings this in the movie he starred in called, The Harder They Come, in this 70s Jamaican crime thriller, if the horn line doesn’t hook you, the lyrics will. Experience teaches us we can do the work, learn and grow…if we really want. In between updating you on the schedule and our plans for the beach on Saturday and relaunching TheShop as a Zoom shopping experience, I want to remind you, You Can Do It.

Seriously, this is an easy time to fall into common stories and patterns such as lack of confidence or not believing in yourself. We are in the middle of a revolution (pandemic, poverty, corrupt government, civil rights movement and an election year) and the summer fog is cold and thick, if you don’t feel like you are riding in the front seat of a rollercoaster, you will. From sheer drops to twists and turns and going upside down in the dark, this is like riding Space Mountain at Disney, except we can not get off the ride unless we believe in the power of us working together. We Can Do It Together.

How do you know? I don’t. I Believe. Why? Experience.

The Bay Area is a beautiful teacher of impermanence, between the Summer fog shifting us from shorts into layers and start-ups booming and crashing, our roads are as beautiful to photograph as they are to drive. I always joke we proved Newton’s law of gravity is wrong, what goes down must come up (in true dad joke fashion, it is funniest when you are exhausted going downhill on a mountain bike on Tam). You know we will be doing a lot of uphill climbing this Fall, that may be enough reason for you to enjoy the Summer, Be Here Now.

We are relaunching TheShop this week! No, we are not open for walk-ins, that is the way we used to be. This week we are launching our first attempt at “Zoom Personal Shopping.” We are booking appointments on Calendly at https://calendly.com/marinpoweryoga – you reserve a time slot and you will get an invite to a Zoom meeting with one of us. Yes, we are still figuring this our and the schedule is limited to a few hours a day. We will deliver within a day to start and same day as we get it together. This is a way we can create shopping experiences that are more enjoyable than online shopping by yourself and we can help you find the best active wear for your life. Yes, we will do different times and you can tell us what time will work for you and we will accommodate that, we will evolve this quickly. The future of retail is coming and this is our experiment, we have awesome fitness clothing for you.

You are invited to our first Beach Day of 2020, we are heading to Drake’s Beach (seems like this may be due for renaming) this Saturday! This is a family affair! We are arriving around 10am and class starts at 10:30, we will do yoga and fitness together and hang at the beach. Plan on bringing all of your own stuff, from sunscreen to drinks and snacks. We will socially distance and encourage you to be responsible for yourself and respect our mutual safety. There is no cellular service out there, map it before you leave home. There is a good sized parking lot and we will be off to the right if you are facing the Ocean. It will probably be a chilly day and you will probably get sun burnt, we will not be sharing things – just enjoying a beach day. Come As You Are.

It is critical we continue to “stay awake” during these next few weeks. We are in an amazing moment of time. We are debating issues that will determine the future for generations, from the simplicity of wear a mask to the complexity of what does school look like in 4 weeks to looking at the statutes and street names in our community. I am worried there is a difference between protesting and call out culture that is so subtle we may lose the power of our voice being angry about everything, when we have the opportunity to shift the scales of justice in favor of equality. Wake Up.

I encourage us all to “ask the questions gently,” avoid being “right,” and use our discussions to bring us closer. We are all in this for the first time and my understanding of a pandemic is, “shit gets crazy.” In between the drama, we have a plan for MPY to come back healthy and strong, with you.


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