Twitch Free Instructions

If You have Amazon Prime, you can get rid of the ads on our Twitch channel for Free. Please try this process to Subscribe for free to MPY on Twitch and tell us if we need any changes? Thanks to Michael H for working this up for us! https://www.twitch.tv/marinpoweryoga

Connect Your Twitch Account to Amazon Prime
Connecting your Twitch and Amazon accounts is necessary to unlock Twitch Prime and also to use paid features such bits (cheers). Here’s how to do it.
1. Make sure you’re logged in to both your Amazon and Twitch accounts within the same web browser.
2. Click on the yellow Connect your Twitch account button in the upper right corner when you go to the link on this page.
3. Follow the shown instructions and click the purple Confirm button. Your accounts should now be connected.

Your Twitch and Amazon accounts only need to be linked once. As soon as it’s done, the connection will work across other devices where you use Twitch such as the iPhone.

How to Claim Your Free Twitch Subscription
With your Amazon Prime membership, do the following to redeem your free subscription:
1. Open a web browser on a computer and navigate to the Twitch channel you wish to subscribe to ([twitch.tv/marinpoweryoga](http://twitch.tv/marinpoweryoga)).
2. In the top-right corner of the screen, or below the video to the right, there is a purple Subscribe button. Click it.
3. Once clicked, a small box containing a variety of subscription options should appear.
4. Click the Subscribe Free button to begin your free Twitch subscription for this channel.
Unlike paid Twitch subscriptions, the free one does not automatically renew each month. Free subscriptions must be renewed manually.

How to Renew Your Free Twitch Subscription
Since the free Twitch subscriptions don’t automatically renew on their own, you will need to visit your chosen channel in a web browser again and manually re-subscribe every 30 days. The process is identical to the way one would subscribe to a channel for the first time. Your subscription streak will continue as long as the subscription to the same account is renewed within 30 days of its expiration.

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