Encourage One Friend To Vote.

We watched Borat last night and had the best laugh, at us. I will not ruin the movie for you beyond telling you it is a painfully funny look in the mirror. In between chortling, snorting and choking on laughter, I was inspired to find one person and motivate them to vote early. If you find one person to vote early, we are going to make a positive impact this week. Let’s do this!

This year has added lines to my eyes and gray to my hair (have you seen my face), we don’t change this much without it effecting us. With the aging has come 10 years of experience in the last 7 months, from the obvious adopting to zoom calls and grocery deliveries to living more outdoor lives. Within the constant progress, we have to make space for reflection.

There is a great Meditation today, with Araceli on Week 4 Day 1 of The Journey, it is a little longer and just what you need to hear right now. I don’t have any answers for you, just this reminder to listen. Find 20 minutes for you, get comfortable and sync your energy up with us. Together we are stronger.

Peace, Love and VOTE,

PS – Local Voters! I am supporting Brian Colbert, John Wright and Alexis Fineman to continue to represent San Anselmo, they have done a great job during the pandemic and they work hard with INTEGRITY and HONESTY for our Town! I am also voting for Tiffany McElroy for TUHSD Board, she is a member and activist! Most importantly, I encourage you to VOTE! I will also encourage you watch every episode of D Ali G, because we need to laugh out loud more! 

PPS – While we are on the subject of voting, is this the year for full size halloween candy bars or chocolate covered brussel sprouts????

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