Yin Residency with Wendy

Love Your Self.

We are kicking off our first Residency of the year with Wendy and Yin at the end of this week. Why? Self-Love People. We are easing into the year with love and devotion for your best teacher, YOU. As the rain alternates between a gentle pitter patter and the wind slamming doors, I feel the cold nip of winter reminding me this is exactly where I am supposed to be, healing and getting better.

Why aren’t we doing a 30 day challenge or a juice cleanse? Because that is so last year. Seriously, you do not need to deprive yourself of bread or meat or rest or wine or force yourself to do chaturangas for 30 days in a row to prove how strong you are. You Are Enough.

I know it doesn’t feel that way. 

Write the next chapter of your life with us; share the soggy trails, epic climbs, burpees, handstands and deep stretches, these are the many paths we are taking to building a healthy community with you.

The Plan

  1. Marin Yoga – Our Mobile Application. This is the new front door to our community. It is free for everyone and provides a complimentary class each day. Our Residency programs will happen on the App in real time each month. This is the secret to your success, we are building positive habits with trackers and communication, we are adding in goal setting this month. 
  2. Marin Power Yoga – Our Paid Portal. This is where our series will be OnDemand along with our full library of classes. We are asking you to be a paid Member for the power of choice, you can do any of our classes any time. You can access this from our mobile app!
  3. Meditation – We are building an incredible meditation program. Why? Because this is the way to mental freedom. You can start with one of our Series, or join in during one of our upcoming Residencies. Aren’t you tired of saying you don’t meditate? 

We have some strange technical issues, like having two different sign-ins for the front end and the back end. Why? Because we are experimenting with technology and living on the edge of what is easy and what is possible. This will get easier and look better this year.

We moved to a private platform because your data is created by the actions you take and it should be yours! If you can’t afford another subscription, we have you covered with an incredible free service, our paid members make this possible!

I’ve been walking the trails looking for clarity and asking myself questions. I know this year is full of potential and we have the opportunity to make huge shifts in our personal and professional lives. Make a series of small consistent steps with us, let’s create this story together. Start with Yin and Wendy, get set-up in the app and ready, more information coming this week.

Peace & Love

PS- Get our new app, sign up as “I Am New” with invite code: thankyou  

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Our app will help you develop positive habits! Track your health and do yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes with us and improve your life one day at a time. Increase your strength, optimize your health and create happiness in your life with us!

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