You Are Strong.

OnDemand Mondays are a thing! Seriously, Monday was always the lowest attendance day with most of you forcing yourselves in for one of the last 3 classes of the day if you managed to drag yourself in. OnDemand makes it possible for you to put the time you want to go to class on your calendar and take “whatever class you want.” I suggest starting with a Series like the Mat Pilates which will build your little muscles and is mostly laying down on the ground and squeezing, you can do it and you will be stronger. 

Mindful Fitness.

This. We slowed down a lot over the last 2 years and there are some incredible changes. Our fitness classes are about connecting your mind, body and soul to create internal strength and balance. Move your body intentionally to increase your power. This is the work.


I’m down to a size 34 pants. I could not wear these in May, they are now comfortable, ok, actually loose on me. In January, I was wearing my size 36 pants and they were a little tight. This is not a humble brag, this is a secret revealed.

No Cholesterol.

There are little bits in this aioli or that burrito and it’s ok. I’m really aiming for 10 or less mg of Cholesterol per day. I call this No Cholesterol. It makes me feel better about it, seriously.

“You can’t out train your diet.” Wendy Barney used to say this and I HATED it. I always wanted to eat a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Fries and a Shake, on any day. Not any more. I feel better not eating cholesterol. Literally every single day, I feel better. I’ve also dropped 100 points in my cholesterol level an am at a 2.0 ratio and working my way to even. Nerds, this is good.

You Can Do It.

It seemed impossible for me to pass over Mt. Tam from CowGirl Creamery or some Pt. Reyes Blue or some Toma or even the shredded cheddar that got sprinkled everywhere. It was shockingly easy. I feel better eating “mostly vegan.” Feeling good is addictive. So is the power of choice. Am I right?

I want to share with you some of the secrets I’ve discovered, like drinking water, walking and eating foods without cholesterol will change your body and increase your happiness. It is that simple.

I am doing the work. Mindful fitness twice a week, power yoga 4 times a week, yin a few nights a week. I’m committed to getting my steps up and drinking more water, trying every single day to live in the moment. If I can do it, you can do it also.

Practice. Patience. Perseverance. 

PS -The picture above is from our Cacao Ceremony on Friday night at the University of Redlands Marin campus. Save The Date – our next Cacao Ceremony is on Friday October 22, 2021.

PPS- YES, we are doing classes all week at 9am and on the weekends at 9:30am, mix of yoga and fitness classes to mix into your life. One Day At A Time. Get Stronger With Us.

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