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Now It’s Your Turn.People. Before I started writing you this morning, I deleted 30 emails trying to sell me stuff. It is almost laughable to try and reach you today, but there is something so important about today, that simply writing you is an act of hope. The last 10 day of Gratitude Practice has been enlightening, challenging and easy, is that even possible? 

I’ve struggled for the last few years with the idea of mentorship, what does it mean and why do you have ask someone to be your mentor, or maybe it is how do you ask someone to be your mentor, or really it is the fear of rejection or is it humbling to ask or why isn’t it clear to me? During this Gratitude Practice, I realized I was thanking all of my chosen teachers, my mentors. This simple word, chosen. ENLIGHTENING People. My struggle with asking for help is too close to asking someone to be my mentor. While someone “mentors you,” they can not say, “Jamie I am your mentor.” The student always chooses the teacher, even as the teacher chooses the lessons. We’ve all made a lot of mistakes in choosing teachers and mentors along the way. Part of my commitment to myself is do more of what is working. In this case, it is thanking my teachers.

Yesterday, in amongst the bills and advertisements to sell and buy, a shiny silver package, sparkling with my name on it arrived in the mail. I laughed, opening the package from Pauline, it is a signed copy of her new book, Pivot change isn’t coming, it’s here. Of course I bought the book when it was released, I wanted to support her launch and in reality we were testing a new idea for how we engage online for MPY that was so radically different, I needed to check in with Pauline and share with her what I was seeing and how we were pivoting in this.

Our 3rd pivot was looking to be so “hard,” was it even possible. Hah! Pauline’s other title is “The Queen of Possibility.”  In her book, she calls this waking up to possibility or “you don’t know what you don’t know,” on the other side of our perceived limitations, is opportunity for growth. In September and October we worked towards our possibility with a little encouragement from her book, we rolled out the beta testing that is evolving with our new platform, we took the first steps towards “The New World.” Thank You Pauline for always listening to what I am trying to do and helping me stay on the path!

Today, I encourage you all to acknowledge one of your Teachers and thank them. We have been posting thank you videos to Teachers in our FB Group for the last 10 days, planting seeds for all of us. Do it on the phone, over FaceTime, on FB in our Group or on Instagram or whisper it or do it like Rocky and yell it out your window (Adriennnnnnee). Share Your Gratitude. When we use our voice or words or creative outlet to thank our teachers, we create a ripple of positive energy in our whole community. Turn that ripple into a wave with us. 


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