Saturday Night – Sticky’s

Multiple Members are in the band…including Eric Schroeder, Connor Stock and Julian Kwasneski! Come on out and listen to a night of original music, homegrown in the Backyard! #maythe4thbewithyou

Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 9 PM
Papermill Creek Saloon
1 Castro St, Forest Knolls, CA 94933

Hope to see you there!

Why Kids?

The benefits of kids yoga at Marin Power Yoga are many, but a few of the top ones are:

•Improve their body awareness

•Improved stress management

•Builds focus and concentration

•Increased confidence and self-esteem

•Improved coordination and flexibility

Thursday at 4:30pm

Saturday at 9:30am

Sunday at 9:30am

Kids Drop-in is $15

Monthly unlimited is $50

If parent is a Member monthly unlimited is discounted to $45. Talk to to get that deal!

We always have adult classes at the same time!

The Shop – Check It Out!

Chaser Brand Rainbow Pullover sweater. Get it while it’s still available! 🌈 Nance teaches yoga, TRX, Kick-Boxing and BootCamp at Marin Power Yoga! Our shop is located 2 blocks from the studio at 611 San Anselmo Ave. – Check it out!

Kids Yoga with Kelsey

Kids yoga with Kelsey! 🙏🏼

Thursday 4:30pm

Saturday 9:30am

Sunday 9:30am

We always have adult classes at the same time! Your kids will learn yoga, meditation and mindfulness all while having fun with other kids!!!

Plan a Great Monday

Monday line up:

6 AM yoga w/ Nance

6 AM TRX w/ Jenny

7:30 AM Power yoga w / Alonna

8:30 Bootcamp w/ Jenny

9 AM Power yoga w/ Vicky

9:30 AM TRX w/ Jenny

10:45 AM gentle yoga w/ Grace

Noon Power yoga w/ Wendy

Noon TKO w/ Jenny

🚨 1:15 Free community class w/ TBA

4:30 PM TRX w/ Danuta

4:30 PM Power yoga w/ Megan

5:45 TRX express w/ Danuta

6 PM Power yoga w/ Nance

7:15 PM Hula hoop for adults w/ Josephine

Marin Power Yoga is located in San Anselmo.

Friday Schedule

Friday lineup:

6 AM Power yoga w/ Alonna

6 AM TRX w/ Araceli

7:30 AM Power yoga w/ Jenny

8:30 AM Bootcamp w/Araceli

9 AM Power yoga w/ Wendy

9:30 AM TRX w/ Jenny

10:45 AM Gentle w/ Tiana

12 TKO w/ Araceli

12 Power yoga w/ Wendy

12 Pilates w/Jen N.

4:30 TRX w/ Marianne

4:30 Power yoga w/Jenny

6 PM Power yoga w/ Jenny

6 PM Open gym w/ Kelsey (Canceled)

Sunday Classes

Sunday line up:


8 AM Soul sessions vinyasa w/Amy

8 AM TRX w/ Nance

9:30 AM Soul sessions + live music w/Wendy

9:30 AM TKO w/Nance

9:30 AM Kids yoga club w/Kelsey ————————————————————


11 AM power yoga 101 w/Wendy

12 Pilates w/Jen N.

4:30 PM Yin w/ Tiana

6 PM TRX w/ Danuta

6 PM yoga w/ Alexie

The Shop!

TheShop is loaded with super cute leggings, sport bras, tank tops and Tees for layering and yes we have yoga mats! TheShop is a great place to get your Membership set up, ask any questions about classes or the practice or find the right gift! TheShop is located at 611 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo California 94906. You can always call us at 415-683-1191.

Savasana – Deep Rest

Benefits of Shavasana:

1. Brings The Body To A Meditative State

The body relaxes and goes into a deep meditative state, which in turn helps repair the cells and tissues and releases stress.

2. Relaxes And Calms The Body

After a strenuous workout that involves stretching, twisting, contracting, and inverting of muscles, Shavasana allows your body to rest and regroup.

3. Reduces Blood Pressure And Anxiety

As your body relaxes and calms down, your blood pressure also drops, and this helps relax your heart.

4. Improves Concentration And Memory

The direct effect of meditation is focus and concentration. While you focus on each area of your body while you are in Shavasana, your mind automatically improves concentration and memory.

5. Increases Levels Of Energy

Shavasana is the fastest and safest way to gain instant energy. The 5 minute break gives your body an energy boost, and thereby, increases your productivity.

TKO Goes Red!

What happens when the room turns red? TKO is going down! Cardio Kick Boxing! Marin Power Yoga has over 30 strength classes every week from TRX to Kettle Bell to BootCamp to TKO!

Wednesday We Do Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga at Marin Power Yoga moves slower, modifies the poses to make them more accessible and is cooler at 80 degrees. This is a great way to restart your yoga practice or dial it back and focus on your basics to find new growth!

Tiana teaching Gentle Yoga.